Black Lives Matter

SMARTmoves Statement of Support for Dismantling Systems of Oppression and Restoring Justice as a Response to the Trauma of Racism.

As a partnership of trauma therapists dedicated to supporting children and families to listen to the wisdom of their bodies in healing from chronic trauma and adversity, SMARTmoves, LLC stands in partnership and solidarity with activists, organizers, and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) protesting systems of oppression, racism, and institutional violence that cause trauma to Black and Brown bodies across our country.

We are outraged by the explicit and implicit forms of violence that BIPOC adults and children experience on a daily basis, and we are committed to eradicating the public health threat of racism — a threat that disproportionately affects the physical and mental health and the well-being of Black and Brown communities, and has for centuries. As four white women therapists, we recognize that our commitment must include not only speaking out against injustice, but also taking conscious steps to examine the impacts of our own privilege, in addition to ongoing action to challenge racism when it shows up in our own organization or within our communities.

We are committing to the following action steps in order to create this needed change in our society and to help bring about justice:

To engage in regular dialogue with our teams and collaborators about the effects that systemic racism has on the mental health of BIPOC, to examine the implicit biases and privilege that exist within our mental health system, and to recognize how these biases impact the communities we serve.

  1. To listen carefully to the voices and wisdom of BIPOC and ensure that these voices are reflected in our daily practice and training curriculum.
  2. To consciously identify, train, and promote clinicians of color to create a community of trainers and therapists that accurately reflects the communities we serve.
  3. To offer reduced cost online learning opportunities in order to provide underserved communities access to high quality training.
  4. To offer scholarships for BIPOC clinicians in our trainings.

As an immediate response we also have contributed donations to the following organizations:

Cory Johnson Program for Post-Traumatic Healing – Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center

National Black Child Development Institute

We acknowledge that this work is an ongoing process and we commit to continuing to educate ourselves, to practice racial humility, and to amplify the voices of BIPOC as we listen and learn in community.

In commitment and solidarity,

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