Conversations about SMART Implementation Across Cultures

Conference Dates: 05/17/2023 – 05/20/2023

Date and Time of Workshop: t.b.d.

Location: Seaport Hotel, Boston

Presenters: Alexandra Cook, Elizabeth Warner, Anne Westcott, Heather Finn, Alicia Hu, Kasey Pendexter, Mari Bræin

This workshop will explore how SMART treatment has been implemented across several different cultures, specifically Norway, Taiwan, the deaf and hard of hearing community.  We will begin with an overview of SMART, including some experiential exercises. Next, we will focus on the process of the implementation, the ways SMART resonated with their respective cultures, the challenges each faced introducing SMART within their culture, how SMART needed to be adapted or translated, and the nature of the traumatic experiences that are more culturally specific. Teaching methods will include didactic presentation, experiential exercises, and clinical video tape.

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