SMART Competency Pathway

Pathway to Competency and Certification in SMART Therapy

We are pleased to share the pathway to competency and certification in the SMART model of child trauma therapy. The pathway includes the Foundations Course, followed by SMART Consultation, the Implementation Course, and culminates in a Certification Assessment. Some participants may take time to fully integrate this new somatic approach to child trauma therapy. While others may move quickly on their journey, familiar with the terrain. All are welcome.

We currently offer Foundations Courses regularly throughout the year and the Implementation Course twice per year.

Consultation is available in groups or individually. Consider participating in a consultation group in which you learn from your peers and deepen relationships with colleagues. Consultation groups are limited to 6 participants. 

The next group begins Jun 14, 2024 Registration

Interested in customizing an individual or small group consultation? Email Barbara at
Email Heather Finn 
The SMART Competency Pathway offers an opportunity for learning through a combination of course work and SMART consultation.

Step One: SMART Foundations Course

Cost: $500
Completion of ten hours of live contact time in the Foundations Course.
  • Completion of the 4 hours of recorded lectures
  • Completion of course learning activities
  • Read Chapters 1-6 of The Book
  • SMART-Informed Therapist: Individuals at this level possess a basic understanding of the SMART model and its unique somatic approach to addressing developmental trauma in children and adolescents. They integrate the SMART framework, incorporating some of the SMART skills and tools into their existing approach to child trauma treatment.

    Step Two: SMART Consultation

    Cost: Group Consultation $600 for six 90 min meetings. Individual Consultation $200 per hr
  • Participation in, a minimum, of 9 hrs of SMART Consultation with a SMART Consultant (a prerequisite for the Implementation Course)
  • Consultation provided on-line.
  • Video reflection and presenting video required.
  • Step Three: SMART Implementation Course

    Cost: $1,000
  • Completion of the 20 hours of live contact time in the Implementation Course
  • Presentation in course of film for peer Video Reflection
  • Completion of course learning activities
  • SMART Therapist: This individual possesses a solid foundation in the skills, tools, and three threads of SMART. They have a SMART designed space that supports full access to the model particularly Tending to Safety and Full Participation Play. They employ Video Reflection and participate in SMART consultation with a SMART Consultant regularly to further grow their competencies.

    Step Four: Certification Assessment

    The Certification Assessment is in development and expected to be ready for applicants in the fall of 2025. More details to come.

    Certified SMART Therapist: This individual has demonstrated fidelity in delivering the model. They possess a high level of expertise in the SMART model and can work independently to weave the three threads, effectively refine clinical assessment and treatment, and adapt the model for specific needs of the population, culture or diversity of their clients.. They no longer need regular consultation, rather through Video Reflection and collegial collaboration they seek insight and additional knowledge as needed.
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