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We nurture the development of individuals and teams to employ SMART in support of healing and growth in children and families. Consultation builds on the skills and knowledge acquired in the Foundations Training, which is a pre-requisite. Participants reflect on choices made during sessions to evaluate their effectiveness, to consider new interventions, and to develop tailored treatment plans.
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We recommend group consultation that fosters exploration and creativity via peer learning while being most cost-effective. Consults are organized around the clinical video to deepen and speed learning for members while simultaneously facilitating individualized assessment and treatment planning. We offer monthly consultations for 1.5-2 hrs remotely or in person with 5-10 participants utilizing HIPAA compliant web conferencing. Size of groups can be customized to fit the need need.


The power of SMART for children and families is rivaled by the meaningful shared experiences therapists report in consultation. Therapists are energized by the growth and change they see across time in their clients and in their own abilities. Participants build deep respect for their colleagues’ creativity and their clients’ resilience. Across settings, staff consistently rank SMART consultation as the meeting they do not want to miss.

Our Consultants

Our consultants are SMART therapists, with Master’s or Doctoral degrees. They participate in our SMART mentoring program where they co-consult with a founding partner. We carefully match our consultants to the practice settings and needs of each group.
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