SMART Training

We make high quality, effective training accessible in person and remotely by fostering a learning atmosphere of curiosity, collaboration and experimentation employing video examples and experiential activities to convey concepts, theory, and skills.

SMARTmoves offers a variety of in-person and remote trainings for both individuals and agencies. Founding partners and staff blend lecture, small group discussion, clinical video, and experiential exercises. Sizes range from 10-60 participants depending on the content and format.

See our Course Catalogue for more details about offerings and times.
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SMARTmoves Foundation Training

SMART Foundations

15-hrs online covering key concepts, therapist skills, and regulation tools. Utilizes lecture, video, and experiential exercises.

What SMART Clinicians Say

  • I left my first consultation session with a deeper clinical understanding of my client’s struggles and how they played out in a SMART session. But more importantly, I learned more about myself and how I used, or needed to revise the use, of myself within the session, in a way that benefited my client.”
    — Program Director at Young Parent/Child Support Services Program
  •  SMART is a revolutionary approach that exquisitely weaves together …. profound clinical wisdom and observations with the science and theory of the leading thinkers and scientists in our field. 
    - Tina Payne Bryson
  • I found the SMART Foundations Training incredibly helpful, and I am really looking forward to continuing to research, practice, and implement ideas and techniques learned in my own clinical practice.
    - Outpatient Supervisor, Massachusetts 
  • SMART has really transformed my practice.I have been observing my clients with a new perspective since first reading the book and participating in the SMART Foundations Training. It has been such an insightful and incredible opportunity. 
    - Play Therapist, United Kingdom
  • I want to express my gratitude for the clear and insightful learning experience and I am already using the concepts that I learned during the SMART training here in my work.
    - Child Clinician - Singapore
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