Founding Partners

We are four seasoned clinicians who met over 10 years ago at the Trauma Center in Boston founded by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.
Drawn together by the challenges we faced finding effective treatments for many of our child clients, we created SMART, a unique full-body multisensory approach.

Read more about our qualifications and experiences in the section below.

Anne Westcott, LICSW

Partner, Trainer, and Consultant; SMART Developer, Senior Faculty Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute; Private Practitioner, Boston, MA

​Alexandra Cook, Ph.D.

​Partner, Trainer and Consultant, SMART Developer; Private Practitioner, Boston, MA

Elizabeth Warner, Ed.M, Psy.D

Partner, Trainer & Consultant, SMARTmoves, SMART Developer, Private Practitioner, Boston, MA
Read ELizabeth's Bio

Heather Finn, LICSW

Partner, Trainer & Consultant, SMARTmoves, SMART Developer, Private Practitioner, Boston, MA
Read Heather's Bio
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