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SMART Makes Its Norwegian Debut

Cutting-edge trauma treatment modalities developed in the U.S. are of interest to our international colleagues. With any treatment, it can be difficult to trust they can be transferable and sustainable;

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The Vestibular System – A Key Component of SMART

The vestibular system is the sensory system with receptors in the inner ear that integrates multisensory information and helps us maintain a center of gravity, balance, and a sense of where our bodies are in space.

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From Embodied to Symbolic: Exploring Innovative Child Trauma Approaches

The SMARTmoves team facilitated this pre-conference workshop at the 30th Annual International Trauma Conference in Boston in May of 2019.

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What is an Exploratorium? Trauma Conference 2019

For attendees of the 30th Annual International Trauma Conference, it was an opportunity to explore what it feels like to be a kid receiving SMART treatment by trying out some of the same equipment we use to help kids become physiologically regulated.

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Margaret Blaustein and the ARC Model

Our Partner Elizabeth Warner had a conversation with our dear esteemed colleague and friend, Margaret Blaustein PhD on March 14, 2019.

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