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SMART is designed for children and adolescents who have experienced complex stress and traumatic exposures including medical procedures, loss, neglect, emotional maltreatment, physical abuse, accidents, severe bullying, witness to violence in the home or community, or impaired caregiving due to medical or mental illness, incarceration, or substance abuse.

For many families, there is a cycle of intergenerational violence and neglect, such that whole families suffer from the effects of complex trauma. While trauma happens to everyone, it disproportionately affects those who are subject to poverty and systemic racism.


Training in the SMART approach is appropriate for mental health professionals with graduate degree training. However, educational professionals, pastoral counselors, occupational therapists, and medical professionals have also benefited.


Agencies working with traumatized children, their families, and their caregiving systems find the SMART approach transformative in the way they work with their clients. These include outpatient clinics, community mental health centers, hospitals, residential and day treatment programs, and schools. We provide an intensive training and ongoing consultation for agencies addressing the needs of traumatized children and their families.

If you’re interested in bringing SMART training to your agency, email Heather Finn to get started.
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